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Social Cognition: Origins, Mechanisms and Disorders

28 August 2014 - 29 August 2014

Social cognition refers to the behaviours and thought processes which individuals use to interact with others. The study of social cognition encompasses anthropology, linguistics, social neuroscience, and many branches of psychology (e.g. comparative, developmental, social, cognitive and clinical psychology). At present, however, few opportunities exist for researchers across these disciplines to meet and discuss their work. The aim of this workshop is therefore to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to social cognition. We hope to promote conversations between anthropologists, comparative psychologists, developmental psychologists, social neuroscientists, and psychologists working in clinical and applied domains, with the aim to give attendees a chance to reflect on how their work relates to other academic and applied disciplines. There are three themes to the workshop, drawing discussants from a wide range of disciplines: “origins”, relating to anthropological, comparative and developmental research; “mechanisms”, covering experimental psychology and social neuroscience; and “disorders”, encompassing both developmental and acquired social cognitive difficulties.


Main organiser: Dr Caroline Catmur, School of Psychology, University of Surrey

For further information please contact Caroline Catmur