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Greening Economics, Greening Society: What is the Role of the EU?


9 - 10 May 2013

Venue: Wates House, University of Surrey, Guildford


  • Dr Mikael Karlsson, President of the European Environmental Bureau
    Transforming the European Union into a green society – barriers and opportunities
  • Dr Miriam Kennet, Founder and Director of The Green Economics Institute and Editor of The International Journal of Green Economics,Green Economics Institute, UK
    Green Economics and the role of the EU
  • Prof Molly Scott Cato, Professor of Strategy and Sustainability, Roehampton University, UK
    A Europe of the bioregions: Re-embedding the European economy
  • Prof Rüdiger Wurzel, Professor in Comparative European Politics and Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Studies, University of Hull, UK
    Ecological modernisation and the European Union’s leadership ambitions in international climate change politics


    "Imagine Greening Economics, Greening Society" (Day 2)


    An interactive and innovative thought experiment called "Imagine Greening Economics, Greening Society" led by Professors Simon Bell and Stephen Morse.

    The Imagine session on Day 2 of the workshop will provide a participatory space for participants to engage in answers to the key question “What is the role of the EU in greening economics and society”? It is an opportunity for all voices to be heard and for the workshop to provide a unique and innovative set of ideas that compliment the results that will emerge from the paper presentations. In the Imagine session (4 hours in total) the participants will be asked to work in small groups using a ‘soft systems analysis’ approach to dissect the theme of the workshop and explore the main issues involved, what needs to be done to address some of them and how best to achieve this. The process begins by asking each group to draw a ‘rich picture’ representing their shared perspective of the role of the EU in greening economics and society. There will be regular plenary sessions where each group feeds back the results of its analysis to the other groups. The session is designed to maximise the opportunity for networking and learning. Ideas will emerge out of this cross-fertilisation in ways that are not always possible with formal paper presentations. The results should be an exciting mix of innovation and blue sky thinking.

    A book of abstracts is available here.

    A workshop poster can be downloaded here here (pdf).

Thu, 9 May08:3009:30Registration / Coffee
09:4510:30Green economics and the role of the EU, Dr Miriam Kennet, Green Economics Institute (cancelled)
11:0011:30Economics as myth, economics as power: greening economics and the creation of a green economy, Dr John Barry, Queen's University Belfast
 by John Barry
11:3012:00Greening European companies and financial markets. Article 11 TFEU as the key to unlock the EU’s sustainability potential, Prof Beate Sjåfjell, University of Oslo
 by Beate Sjafjell
13:0013:45Transforming the European Union into a green society – barriers and opportunities, Dr Mikael Karlsson, European Environmental Bureau
13:4514:15Greening the regulatory framework for products, Prof Rosalind Malcolm, University of Surrey
 by Rosalind Malcolm
14:1514:45Developing insolvency law in the 'green' society/economy, Dr Blanca Mamutse, University of Surrey
 by Blanca Mamutse
14:4515:15Is it appropriate for the European Union to export its environmental standards to other jurisdictions: will the EU seal products legislation protect seals outside the EU?, Ms Sanna Elfving, University of Surrey
 by Sanna Elfving
15:4516:30Ecological modernisation and the European Union’s leadership ambitions in international climate change politics, Prof Rüdiger Wurzel, University of Hull
 by Rudiger Wurzel
17:4518:00Leaving the University for dinner venue
18:0021:30Drinks and dinner in Shere village
Fri, 10 May08:3009:00Coffee
09:0013:00Imagine Greening Economics, Greening Society, An interactive session led by Professors Stephen Morse (University of Surrey) and Simon Bell (Open University)
 by Stephen Morse and Simon Bell
14:0014:30The transformative role of European ‘innovation policy’ in the transition to a low carbon society, Prof Fred Steward, University of Westminster
 by Fred Steward
14:3015:00Workplaces in transnational corporations: Can green practices be transported across the home-workplace border?, Prof Nora Räthzel, University of Umeå and Prof David Uzzell, University of Surrey
 by David Uzzell
15:0015:30The regulatory greening of the common agricultural policy: Does greening equal sustainability?, Ms Alicia Epstein, University of Leeds
 by Alicia Epstein
16:0016:45A Europe of the bioregions: Re-embedding the European economy, Prof Molly Scott Cato, Roehampton University
 by Molly Scott Cato
16:4517:30Discussion and Dissemination Plan