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"Hitting the Target?" How New Capabilities Are Shaping Contemporary International Intervention

12 July 2012 - 13 July 2012

The workshop will examine a topic of increasing public policy interest: how new capabilities driven by new technologies have been changing our understanding of global security and are reshaping international intervention in pursuit of political, security, or humanitarian objectives (or various combinations of all three). These technologies include the capacity to mount precision military strikes from high-level bombing campaigns - and more recently the selective targeting of individuals from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – together with the highly sophisticated communications infrastructure needed to support them. The workshop will bring together policy-makers, practitioners and academics from a variety of disciplines to consider the ethical, legal, political, and behavioural implications of this new, selective, precision strike capability. It will examine the way in which technological changes are affecting how decisions about intervention are reached, and how advances in precision-strike capabilities impact on those who intervene, as well as those affected on the ground.

Lead organisers:
Professor Sir Mike Aaronson, cii – The Centre for International Intervention, School of Politics and Dr Tom Dyson, School of Politics, FAHS

Dr Regina Rauxloh, School of Law and Dr Wali Aslam, cii, School of Politics