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Pathways to in-vivo 3D dosimetry measurements for adaptive radiation delivery

26 June 2019 - 27 June 2019



This interdisciplinary workshop will bring together the international research community committed to addressing the challenges that must be overcome in order to make the vision of routine 3D and even 4D in-vivo dosimetry measurements a reality. The workshop will be an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, best practice and ideas between established experts in dosimeter development and medical physics practitioners in the field as well as early career researchers or those that are joining this exciting and rapidly developing field. It is an opportunity to form new collaborations and access this well connected community.



Prof Ramin Jaberi, Cancer Institute of Tehran, University of Medical Science

Sonja Wegener, University of Würzburg, Department of Radiation Oncology, Germany

Dr Jérôme Benoit, Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology, Oncovet, France

Prof David A Bradley, Sunway University (Malaysia) & University of Surrey

Ana Folgueras, Elekta (UK)



Topical discussion themes will include the following:

* Phantom development (deformable anthropomorphic phantoms and personalised phantoms, use of 3D printing)

* Dosimeter development

* Development of detector placement devices (e.g. 3D printed bolus, nasal, mouth, bladder, and rectal inserts)

* Towards clinical studies

* Applications in Hadron, External Beam and Brachytherapy

* Validations, correction, distortions due to non-tissue equivalence



Abstracts (200-300 words) should be emailed to Dr Annika Lohstroh .

Please indicate whether you are interested in giving an oral presentation or a poster.



Last date for submission of abstracts: extended to 13 May 2019

Notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts: expected 20 May 2019

Registration open: Early May 2019

Registration closing date: 7th June 2019



Dr Annika Lohstroh



Dr Annika Lohstroh, University of Surrey

Dr Shakardokht Jafari, Trueinvivo Ltd, QA Hospital Portsmouth, University of Surrey

Dr Silvia Pani, University of Surrey

Prof Giuseppe Schettino, University of Surrey, National Physical Laboratory

Prof Phil Evans, University of Surrey, National Physical Laboratory

Dr Lucia Florescu, University of Surrey


This event is supported by the Institute of Advanced Studies (Surrey) and Trueinvivo.