The Institute of Advanced Studies

The Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Surrey hosts small-scale, scientific and scholarly meetings of leading academics from all over the world to discuss specialist topics in a free-flowing and productive atmosphere, away from the pressure of everyday work. The workshops are multidisciplinary, bringing together scholars from different disciplines to share alternative perspectives on common problems. 

Each autumn, bids have been invited from the university's academic staff for support to help fund workshops  on leading edge subjects. The competition calls for bids that are multi-disciplinary, are likely to lead to significant advances, will attract international scholars, and are linked to current research at the University. The first, pilot, workshop was held in April 2005 and the first competition was held in October 2004. Since then, the Institute has supported over 50 workshops. 


The Institute's principal objectives in supporting these workshops are to attract international scholars to the University and to encourage new and productive research collaborations.