Workshop Competition

The workshops (known in some disciplines as symposia, seminars or conferences) to be organised in 2018/2019 will be the subject of a competition open to all University of Surrey academic and research staff. The deadline for bids is Friday 12th October 2018.

The successful bids will each be awarded:

  • A grant of up to £3,500 towards the cost of running the workshop. This may be used to pay for conference facilities, event assistance (further details from IAS Coordinator), publication of proceedings, participants travel, accommodation and registration fees as required. Organisers are expected to match the funding provided by IAS with funds from other sources. This includes registration fees. The Institute does not normally sponsor or contribute to events with more than about 40 participants.
  • Some assistance with the administration of the meeting (Please also refer to the guidelines for general information on organising a workshop).

The main criteria for choosing between bids will be:

  • The nature of the topic — is it original, multi-disciplinary, likely to lead to significant advances?
  • The likelihood of attracting international scholars.
  • The link to researchers at University of Surrey.
  • The impact that support from the IAS is likely to make.

The Institute does not normally sponsor or contribute to conferences with more than about 40 participants.

Bids should consist of:

  1. The names and affiliations of the proposers and organisers, and of the programme committee if there is one. The main organiser should be from the University of Surrey and the meeting must be held on the University of Surrey campus.
  2. The proposed Call for contributions to the meeting, i.e. the text that will be sent to invited participants and/or distributed widely to attract contributions.
  3. A one page description of the topic of the proposed meeting, explaining clearly how it fits the criteria listed above.
  4. An approximate budget (the IAS Co-ordinator, see below, can assist with estimates). Please note: The Events Team no longer supports the IAS events. We advise organisers to budget for additional administrative support (the equivalent of 5-7 working days). Please contact Mirela Dumic for more information, and for a budget template.
  5. Additional source(s) of funding. (State whether this is already secured or has been applied for.)
  6. A plan for publishing papers from the workshop.

Fourteen paper copies of the bids including the above details should be sent to the IAS Co-ordinator (Mirela Dumic, Room 21AD03, Department of Sociology) to arrive by Friday 12th  October 2018.



For further information, please contact: