Forthcoming Events

Workshop on Correlated Disorder, Hyperuniformity and Local Self-Uniformity: From Biomimetics to Photonic Integrated Circuits

25 JUNE 2018 - 26 JUNE 2018

This unique interdisciplinary workshop will bring together researchers from diverse areas to explore the subtle interplay between composition, morphology, topology and structural uniformity present in correlated disorder structures and its direct impact on a wide range of directions from more efficient solar-cell platforms and photonic integrated circuits, to optical functionalities in avian feather barbs and butterfly wings.

Measuring Brain Function in Everyday Life

02 JULY 2018 - 03 JULY 2018

This workshop will explore the use of brain monitoring tools and sensors to study real word cognition, by bringing together experts in neurorehabilitation research, service provision, sensor technologies, VR-based cognitive training, and occupational psychology.

Economic Theory for the Anthropocene: Towards Heterodox Understandings of Sustainable Economies

03 JULY 2018 - 04 JULY 2018

Hosted by the University of Surrey and the Centre for the Understanding of the Sustainable Prosperity, Economic Theory for the Anthropocene will provide a space for researchers from a wide range of disciplines to develop this theory. This short residential workshop will be a friendly and critical space for researchers to present and discuss their early stage work on heterodox theories of sustainable economies.

Neuroplasticity: From Bench to Machine Learning

13 JULY 2018 - 14 JULY 2018

This workshop will focus on the recent developments in neural plasticity and machine learning and their mutual inspiration. We aim to bring together national and international researchers from the experimental and computational neuroscience communities, in the field of synaptic plasticity, network dynamic and information processing to discuss current knowledge in the respective fields and to elaborate how they can be integrated.