Forthcoming Events

Ab Initio Nuclear Theory: From Breakthroughs to Applications

24 JULY 2019 - 26 JULY 2019

This meeting will focus on the theme of What next in ab initio theory? We feel this is vital to make progress in the wider picture of nuclear structure and reactions, but also in an attempt to connect to other relevant global challenges, ranging from astrophysics to nuclear technology. 

20 Years After Kosovo: The Prospects for and Limits of International Intervention

18 SEPTEMBER 2019 - 19 SEPTEMBER 2019

This high profile conference, co-organised by Surrey’s Centre for International Intervention and BISA IR2P, reflects upon the trajectory of interventionism since Kosovo. What have been its successes? What have been its failures? Does it have a future? How does a changing international environment, as well as the emergence of new actors and combat technologies, affect intervention? The event will bring a group of top academics, as well as policy makers, to Surrey in order to discuss these and related questions.