Institute of Advanced Studies Fellows

As part of its aim to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and encourage a flow of international scholars to visit the University of Surrey, enjoy their stay at Surrey and leave behind excellent ideas and innovations, the Institute of Advanced Studies has established a Fellowship scheme. The scheme will enable scholars to spend time with University of Surrey academics pursuing research of mutual interest.  

Fellows receive an allowance of up to £5000 to fund travel to and subsistence at the University (but not salary).  The Fellowship scheme 2018/19  is funded by the University of Surrey. We thank Santander for supporting the scheme in 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Applications should be made before the deadline of 12 October 2018 for visits in the calendar year 2019.  Applications can only be made through a University of Surrey academic, who acts as the host for the visit.

Fellows’ visit to the University may either be for one extended period, or several shorter periods, depending on the Fellows’ other commitments and the nature of the research collaboration.

It is expected that the Fellowship will result in some specific outcome or outcomes, such as a paper jointly authored with the host, a collaborative research proposal, establishing a research network, or a jointly organized activity such as a workshop or concert. Fellows are also expected to contribute to University life, for example with a seminar, lecture, meetings with doctoral students etc.

There is no restriction on the discipline of the Fellow or the topic of the Fellowship, other than that the Fellow must work closely with one or more Surrey academics.

Who should apply

  1. Applicants for Fellowships must be supported by a member of the academic staff of the University of Surrey (see ‘How to apply’ below).
  2. Applicants should normally be based and employed outside the UK in an academic institution or a government funded research institute. Applicants should not have spent significant periods working or visiting in the UK in the recent past.
  3. Applicants should have a doctorate or equivalent professional experience and an excellent and established track record in research given the stage in their career.   The scheme does not support those studying for a PhD.
  4. Applicants of all nationalities are welcome.  Fellowships may be used to pay for visas, but the Institute is not able to arrange visa applications.   

How to apply

  1. Applications can only be submitted by an academic member of the University of Surrey (the ‘host’). They should be submitted by email to the IAS coordinator ( by the deadline (midnight on 12 October 2018) using the application form that can be dowloaded here.
  2. The application form requests details of the applicant for a fellowship, the host, the work to be done during the Fellowship and the support requested.  
  3. A host can only submit one application in each of the annual Fellowship competition rounds.

Assessment of applications

  1. Applications submitted by the deadline are checked for eligibility and completeness by the IAS coordinator.  The applicant’s and the host’s Heads of Department are contacted to confirm that the applicant’s institution supports the Fellowship and the host’s Department can accommodate the Fellow.
  2. The application is considered at a meeting of the IAS advisory board which ranks the applications in order of merit using the following criteria and their own judgement:
    1. The expected contribution to scholarship at the University of Surrey
    2. The fit of the applicant’s proposed work to research at Surrey
    3. The quality of the proposal, including its degree of innovation, its feasibility, and the likelihood of obtaining high impact outputs
    4. The expected benefit to the applicant’s career
    5. The likelihood of forging links between the applicant’s institution and the University of Surrey
  3. The highest ranked applications are awarded Fellowships.  Applicants and hosts will be notified of the outcome in December 2018.

During and after the Fellowship

  1. Fellows are required to provide a brief report to the IAS coordinator at the start of their first visit to confirm that the Fellowship has begun and that it conforms to what is stated in the proposal.
  2. Fellows are required to submit a report of 500 – 1000 words within one month of the end of the Fellowship describing the achievements enabled by the award and their plans to build on those achievements.
  3. Fellows are also required to submit a short report twelve months after the Fellowship ends describing longer term impacts and additional activities resulting from the Fellowship.


For enquiries about the Fellowship scheme, please contact the IAS Coordinator, Mirela Dumic <>