Effects of Early Interventions in Child Health and Education

RNA Biology Meets Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: Dr Nicolas Locker

Procedural Fairness in International Courts and Tribunals: Mr Phillip Weiner

Effects of Early Interventions in Child Health and Education: What can We Learn from Quantitative Research?

IAS Symposium: On the Receiving End of Intervention: Methods in Human Security

We talked to Paul Kaiser (USA) and Tom Calvert (Canada) about computer technology and movement art.

Structured Light (synopsis)

Structured Light takes as a starting point Bruce Naumans Walking in a Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square to explore the movement of a performer through a studio space recorded by means of a video camera and a depth sensor (kinect). Making use of the open source editing software RGDB Toolkit, the depth field data breaks in effect the fixed point of view of the video camera inasmuch it allows for the interpolation of any point of view, not only the actual camera standpoint. Credits:
Director: Sebastian Melo
Sound Design: La Tina Sonido - Andrés Silva
Choreography: Nicolas Salazar-Sutil
Performance: Joop Oonk

Dr Mikael Karlsson, President of the European Environmental Bureau

Greening Economics, Greening Society: What is the Role of the EU?