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Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks for Markets for Ecosystem Services

6 June 2012 - 7 June 2012

The Environmental Regulatory Research Group at the School of Law, University of Surrey; the Centre for Environmental Strategy in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey and the Environmental Law Program at The George Washington Law School will host an international interdisciplinary workshop on regulatory and institutional frameworks for markets for ecosystems services to be held at the School of Law, University of Surrey on 6-7 June 2012. The workshop seeks to contribute to research and learning on the law and policy on ecosystems services by focusing on the regulatory and institutional challenges in creating markets for ecosystems services. The principal goal is to enable outcome-oriented interaction between experts, innovators, and front-end users of these evolving market models to learn about recent progress, what strategies can be adopted to encourage cross-learning between different models for regulatory and institutional frameworks, and how to design new institutional and regulatory mechanisms that can help preserve ecosystem services.

Dr Thoko Kaime, Environmental Regulatory Research Group, School of Law, University of Surrey
Dr Jonathan Chenoweth, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey