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"Hitting the Target?" How New Capabilities Are Shaping Contemporary International Intervention


A complete programme can be found here.

Please see below a selection of presentations we have received from the workshop participants (Pdf format).

Thu, 12 Jul

PANEL 1 - Theorising the Drivers and Consequences of Precision-Strike Capabilities
10:4511:00Influencing leadership behaviour
 by Ana Maria Brudnell
11:0011:15Europe’s selective emulation of the RMA: Explaining convergence and differentiation
 by Tom Dyson
11:1511:30How military technology became a tool for justification for military interventions
 by Caglar Kurc
11:3011:45What we do if we are never going to do this again
 by Paul Schulte

PANEL 2 - The Psychological and Cognitive Implications of Precision-Strike Capabilities
13:4514:00Applying psychological models to military decision making
 by Adrian Banks and Mandeep Dhami
14:0014:15Simulation of network enabled weapons and SPEAR strike capabilities
 by John Davies
14:1514:30Call of duty (for psychological research): Modern warfare, the human operation and the intervened upon
 by Nicola Power

PANEL 3 - Precision Strikes, Protecting Civilians, and Counting the Cost
16:1516:30Covert drone strikes and the fiction of zero civilian casualties
 by Chris Woods
Fri, 13 Jul

PANEL 4 - The Legality of the Use of Drones in International Law
10:4511:00The utility of legal frameworks for regulating the use of drones
 by Ulf Haeussler

PANEL 5 - The Tactical, Operational and Strategic Potential of Precision-Strike Capabilities
14:0014:15Precision strikes against high value targets: Assassination and foreign policy
 by Armin Krishnan
14:1514:30Terrorising terrorists: The targeted killing of terrorists on foreign soil – legal and political aspects
 by Tobias Ruettershoff
14:3014:45The moral questions of point and click killing
 by Conway Waddington