In advance of our catch up at 11am, here is the current status regarding 2019-20 Workshops (see excel table at the bottom of the email):
Pulsations in Intermediate mass – Giovanni is planning to hold his event online now and has been speaking to a collaborator who has run some virtual events. He wants to invite those who had already planned to attend initially as, if you remember, this event was due to happen in March and so the attendance and speaker list had been confirmed. He plans to do half day sessions over a week and to intersperse discussion with pre-recorded Zoom videos. He plans to recruit and ECR or PGR to act as a moderator/oversee the tech so that he can actively participate in sessions. I have offered him some admin support if he needs it and confirmed with him that he can use some of the budget to pay the helper at the event itself. I have also asked him to advise me if he wishes to update any text on the website and to send me his new proposed timetable for the event when he can. He has spoken to the RAS and they agreed to maintain their original funding of £1500. In order to preserve Surrey money, we will try to use as much of the RAS money as possible first.
Feedback Literacy: Naomi plans to hold her event online in January and has given us key dates and amended text which I have put onto the website. As you will see she is planning to open registrations from 19 October so we need to make sure the registration process is working correctly. I have set it up for her event so that the form will go live on 19th but am going to test the feature just to be sure. She wants to issue the call for papers now and I told her to go ahead. She is going to do it via emails to herself. I know we need to encourage use of the website feature for submitting abstracts but the feature currently limits abstracts to 1000 characters. I did a quick check and this would equate to about 182 words. She is asking for 350 words and I did not want to cause a problem until we have confirmed if we can amend the length ourselves. I also used her event to submit a test abstract but it did not appear on the abstracts dashboard. I may have done something wrong so am going to test it again now.
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