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Established in 2004, the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at the University of Surrey sponsors workshops and Fellowships at the ‘cutting edge’ of science, engineering, social science and the humanities.

Through this scheme the Institute fosters interdisciplinary collaborations and encourages a flow of international scholars to visit, enjoy their stay at Surrey and leave behind excellent ideas and innovations. Over the years our events and Fellowship visits  have resulted in many research grants, new collaborations, journal articles and books, as well as much good will from all over the world. We would like to thank the University of Surrey for its ongoing support.

Professor Nigel Gilbert
IAS Director

The Institute of Advanced Studies is a member of the UK Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies and the international Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes.

Annual Review

Our 2023 IAS Annual Review brings you news from a successful and productive year, including in-depth features on our workshops and Fellowships. We also look forward to the diverse range of Fellows we’re excited to welcome in 2023-24.

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Harry Yeff

Independent artist, UK

Simon Raven

Independent artist, UK

Boris Allenou

Independent artist, UK

Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization

On the origin of the asymmetric dwarf galaxy distribution around andromeda

Researching and Writing on Contemporary Art and Artists: Challenges, Practices, and Complexities

Sounding Gay, Speaking as a “Fag”: Auditory Gaydar and the Perception of Reclaimed Homophobic Language

Outcomes from Integrating Multimodality in the Study of Dialogue Interpreting (2015)

Too Cute to Kill? – Prof Francine Dolins

Neutron Stars: Nuclear Physics, Gravitational Waves and Astronomy