The aim of this contribution is to analyse the role of the type of assessment criteria and the criteria engagement strategies on evaluative judgement (Boud, Ajjawi, Dawson, & Tai, 2018) as a strategy to foster Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) (Nicol, Thomson & Breslin, 2014; Panadero, Jonsson & Strijbos, 2016). A group task with two feedback loops, which met Panadero, Jonsson and Strijbos (2016) criteria, was design so that students could peer-assess two versions of the task before the final submission. Students had also to reflect on the feedback received and state how they had integrated it (Winstone & Boud, 2020). An initial activity to develop students’ engagement with assessment criteria was done. The written criteria (focused onthe task and the process) were presented and discussed (Winstone, Nash., Parker & Rowntree, 201; Carless & Boud, 2018). The role of assessment criteria and criteria engagement strategies on evaluative judgement was studied analysing teacher students’ feedback quality. The content of students’ feedback was analysed through a guide ad hoc which focused on the type, focused, tone, content and direction of feedback. The results presented in this contribution belong to a 1st year subject from the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education at the University of Barcelona in which 59 students were enrolled. The analysis of the type of peer-feedback between loops 1 and 2 shows an improvement of feedback quality, which was progressively oriented to the process (Ajjawi & Boud, 2018; Hattie & Timperley, 2007); the feedback was more didactic and suggestive (more than corrective) and addressed to the peer. The components of evaluative judgement (Panadero, Broadbent, Boud & Lodge, 2019) seem to be fostered based on the improvement of the quality of feedback and the reflections on how it is integrated into the next task.
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