A Dialogic Technology-Mediated Model of Feedback Uptake and Literacy
Despite the importance of feedback uptake in higher education, there is still much to learn about supporting it. Recent perspectives hold that guiding learners through feedback uptake oriented activities may also help them to develop feedback literacy. However, due to the acceleration of digitisation trends in higher education, there is an increasing need to explore feedback uptake and literacy development, exploiting opportunities offered by digital environments. This need constitutes a significant gap that is of immediate importance to practitioners teaching online and will also be crucial in a post-COVID-19 context in which the use of blended and online learning is expected to increase. This conceptual presentation draws on a synthesis of existing feedback uptake, formative assessment, and technology literature to offer a technology-mediated dialogic model of feedback uptake and literacy. Focused on how technological-mediation can enrich opportunities for co-regulation of the processes involved in feedback uptake and the development of feedback literacy, the model is intended for use in designing classroom feedback practices that can be embedded in standard curricula. The model serves to inform the discussion of feedback uptake and the nascent discussion of teacher feedback literacy in the digital settings in which many feedback practices in higher education now take place.