A cross school project between The School of Health Sciences and The School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences at The University of Brighton was successful in introducing self and peer assessment of reflective writing as a formative assessment for level 4 and level 5 work-based learning modules, for students undertaking a Foundation Degree. The aim of the project was to proactively engage students to develop both their reflective writing skills, and their confidence in giving and receiving structured feedback using a clear model. These skills are vital for the development of students to prepare them to be competent reflective practitioners and assessors in clinical practice, capable of giving meaningful feedback to future learners and peers. To achieve this project three senior lecturers worked closely with a learning technologist, to ensure a rigorous and straight-forward process for the students.
Overall, there was a positive response to the task, for example during the project evaluation when asked ‘How likely do you feel that this process has supported you to develop skills in giving feedback in the clinical setting?’ A student responded, “I feel I could deliver the positive feedback sandwich and still maintain respect and good feeling between myself and a fellow peer”. This shows that the emotional impact of feedback is recognised by students and this process made them feel that they are better prepared to give feedback in the future.
This session will include an overview of the project, and an evaluation using student feedback and project team experience of using this method.

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