Broadcasting moments of private life on YouTube has given rise to new narratives of the intimate, in individual terms, but also in the family sphere. In this way, events such as going back to school, the birth of a new family member, holidays, moving house, or a domestic problem, make up the themes of the channels through which all of this takes place: family vlogs. In addition, an apparent naturalness, and the ability to connect with audiences and thus influence their behaviour has put these family channels in the spotlight of advertisers. This research examines the intrinsic motivations (hedonic and eudaimonic), as well as the extrinsic motivations that drive these families to share their live on YouTube. For this purpose, the HEMA-RX questionnaire (Huta, 2016) was administered to N=11 families and N=101 vlogs were analyzed. Results reveal that we are dealing with a behaviour of self-affirmation, of personal commitment to one’s own family and the community of followers that they have generated with their videos and that, if money could sometimes be a motivator, as well as the psychosocial reward of knowing that they are micro-influencers, the fact is that motivation of a eudaimonic nature is also predominant.