Starting from the everyday life concept as the context of symbolic and behavioral interaction, people use symbolic resources and also behaviors that have particular meanings elated with the context characteristics. routines are part of the everyday world, and the start question is: How these routines are influenced by data?
We function in certain spaces and use various objects. Many people have everyday access to many technological devices that improve their possibilities to exchange information. In our contemporary world of life, the digital resources are omnipresent. In this sense, a multiplicity of connections are established. Sociability is dependent on “interconnectivity”, which changes the prevailing modes of social production of meaning. It will be a very important to know how the self and identity construction receive the influence of the digital environment.
There is a domestication of technology in the family context. Technology is processed, interpreted and used within the framework of home paradigms. There is a discussion beetween specialists about the age in which could be used the digital technologies. But in general terms, many families many families allow their iittle children the use of mobile devices
One feature of the contemporary postmodern world is the algorithmizing of everyday family in which data are part of the environment. life. The presence in the home of technological resources such as Alexa changes the standards of access to knowledge. Of course, it is worth analyzing the impact of the use of artificial intelligence at an early age, Lately, the impact of the GPT 3 chat has been discussed in specialized circles.