The moment GPC as a word flashes, IR enthusiasts are thrown to dwell into the sea of theories that have shaped our understanding of GPC. But what if these theories were to be understood in context of each other and then GPC in context of these theories. Realists, Liberalists and Constructivists are all pointing at the same picture from different angle. This paper tries to take a step back by changing the very picture that these theories have tried to understand. The paper tries to explore the complexities and outcomes of GPC in a world that would have been different. For majority of the time, the power chase has been considered given, and the analysis is always built upon it. This paper is a modest attempt to understand the formation of GPC itself from a changed perspective, with looking at states from a constructivist’s lens, and applying the model of realism and liberalism along with major notions of GPC to comprehend whether the Great Power Competition was always inevitable or is it just how a particular type of human understanding unfolded it in a certain way, and there is always a way to undo it.