Cellular senescence is a permanent cell proliferation arrest compromising cell regeneration and tissue repair process which gradually leads to age-related disorders. The driving factor is considered to be senescence-associated secretory phenotype(SASP) a diverse pro-inflammatory secretory factors exerted to nearby cells resulting in normal cell aging. Targeted therapies with complex drug that can selectively modulate these cells offer promising avenues for anti-aging interventions. In this study, we developed extracellular vesicles(EVs) with specific ligands as a novel drug carrier system aimed to selectively target senescent cells. By attaching ligands on the surface of EVs, we enhanced their affinity for senescent cells over normal cells and the targeting efficiency was assessed using fluorescence-activated cell sorting(FACs). The results demonstrated a significantly higher uptake of modified EVs in senescent cells which suggest that this selective delivery can effectively serve as a precision drug carrier. Future work will focus on loading therapeutic agents that exhibit senolytic or senomorphic activities to these ligand-modified EVs aiming to selectively attenuate cellular senescence.