The properties of the first (Pop. III) stars remain a mystery. The chemistry of relic environments, enriched only by the supernovae of these first stars, offer an exciting avenue to study this population. Stellar relics are often found in the local Universe while gaseous relics probe the chemistry of low density structures at earlier epochs (z>2). I will discuss the complementary nature of these searches and how they can be used together to understand early chemical evolution and structure formation. Particularly, I will focus on the most metal-poor DLAs found at z~3 and the associated high-precision abundance determinations. This will include an updated view, provided by new data, on both the [O/Fe] enhancement seen at the lowest metallicities and the 12C/13C isotope ratio. Uniquely, this isotope ratio can be used to probe the existence of low-mass (i.e. 1M_sun) Pop III stars and the enrichment timescale of these near-pristine DLAs.