We use the (100 Mpc/h)3 Simba-C simulation to examine the chemical abundances in hot intragroup and intracluster gas, by extracting and fitting mock X-ray spectra using the MOXHA pipeline from Jennings & Dave’. As part of our initial testing phase, we used XSPEC to extract the inner-core chemical abundances of O, Ne, Mg, Al, Si, S, Ar, Fe, and Ni from our simulated MOXHA X-ray spectra for seven clusters, seven warm groups, and seven cooler groups. We found increasing chemical abundances for most elements as a function of the halo temperature above kT>1 keV (corresponding to the warmer groups), with exceptions observed for Al, S, and Ar. We also found decreasing [α/Fe] abundance ratios as a function of the halo temperatures. We are in the process of extending the number of haloes to include all simulated haloes within Simba-C with sufficient M500 halo mass and sufficient hot gas for Athena X-IFU 0.5-3.0 keV detections at R500, as well as using the Bayesian X-ray Analysis MCMC simulation to maximise the best-fit likelihood.