Workshop organisers will be required oversee the following tasks:

• Manage the event budget and any financial administration
• Book the venue and campus accommodation (The IAS team will assist if required)
• Oversee promotion, marketing & publicity
• Identify speakers and create content for the event programme 
• Plan relevant catering and conference dinner/evening activities
• Ensure effective communication – internally as appropriate and externally with speakers, delegates & sponsors
• Submit a post event report and final budget to the IAS

The overall workshop plan (dates, structure, evening events, accommodation requirements etc) should be planned as far ahead as possible to enable effective administration and allow appropriate lead times. Please see the suggested Workshop Organisation Timeline and the Guidance Document for workshop organisers. 

A micro-site specifically for your workshop will be created on the IAS website events page. The micro-site will include pages for an event summary, participant registration, the Call for Papers (if relevant), and the programme. The site also enables you to recieve and manage registrations (if the event is free to attend) and submission of abstracts through bespoke online forms.

It is a condition of support from IAS that the workshop must be managed through this micro-site. The IAS staff will set up and update the micro-site for you. 


If you are planning an on-campus workshop you are likely to require 5-7 days of local administrative support for your workshop which should be factored into your budget. Virtual events typically take less administrative time to organise.

Please see the Budget Guidelines for more information regarding costs to be considered.

Post-Workshop Activities

Organisers must submit a post-conference report for inclusion on the IAS web-site within 8 weeks of the event. For examples, refer to the reports for other  Past Events.

Conference proceedings may be emailed or printed and distributed to participants. Papers may also be submitted to academic publications.

The final accounts on the workshop need to be submitted within two months of the workshop date. Therefore the organiser will need to ensure that invoices, visitor expenses, etc. are received in a timely fashion.

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