Dorita Hannah (NZ) is an award winning performance designer specialising in theatre architecture as well as spatial and event dramaturgy. Hannah’s trans-disciplinary practice in the visual, spatial, performing and culinary arts involves curating live events, creating ephemeral installations and devising performative exhibitions, as well as consulting on the development of cultural environments. Hannah’s artistic residency from April until July 2021 will centre around three key activities: Mentorship (for staff and PGRs); Public Research events; and developing funding bids.

For the first visit, Hannah will offer a seminar on developing practice research projects for PGR. The second visit will focus on one-to-one feedback on work in progress, open to staff and PGR, and developing funding bids for postdoc study. The third visit will be part of a symposium, ‘For Scenographics: Worlds, Scenes, Atmospheres’ where Hannah will act as a public keynote.