Dr Man received her PhD degree in physics at Princeton University. Her research areas include photonic materials, soft condensed matter physics, and nonlinear optics. For her PhD thesis (2005), she studied the world’s first 3D photonic quasicrystal and visualized its nearly spherical effective Brillouin zone. She also pioneered in studying ellipsoid packing and colloidal thin-film cracking during her PhD and post-doctoral period at Princeton University. Later at New York University, she studied self-organized criticality in sheared suspensions. Since 2008, Dr Man has been a faculty member in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at San Francisco State University (SFSU). At SFSU, she experimentally generated the first hyperuniform disordered photonic band gap materials and demonstrated their isotropic band gaps and proved their intrinsic advantage in functional defect design enabled by their isotropy. Furthermore, she studied light-induced transparency and nonlinearity in colloidal suspensions, as well as light-induced disordered photonic lattices.

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