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Corporeal Computing: A Performative Archaeology of Digital Gesture

2 September 2013 - 4 September 2013


Conference Report

Corporeal Computing was a three-day conference held at the Ivy Arts Centre on 2-4 September, 2013.  The event was co-organised by Nicolas Salazar Sutil (School of Arts) and Paul Kaiser (Department of Computing). Fifty speakers from over twenty countries took part in the event. In addition to paper presentations, conference proceedings included live performances by Daniel Ploeger (UK) and Mindbeat 2; installation work by Openended Group (US) and CIA Proyecto Uno (Spain); original video work by LarTech (Canada) and Salazar Sutil + Melo (UK/Chile), and site-specific performance by Kirk Woolford (UK/US).  The event was streamed live online via DTTV over the three days.



Event themes

The main theme of the conference was the computational understanding of human movement. Two key questions were addressed over the course: firstly, how machines can capture and represent human movement, and secondly, how computers can read and process information derived from movement data.  The theme enabled a cross-disciplinary investigation into a number of key areas of research: the notation of human movement, motion capture technology, computation of movement, and applications of these developments in a number of related disciplines, not least: CGI motion picture animation, video animation, games animation, digital dance, and digital sculpting. The event featured presentations from leading scholars and practitioners in the field of motion media technology, movement studies and the digital arts, including Tom Calvert, Paul Kaiser, Mark Coniglio, Thecla Schiphorst, Karen Bradley, Sally Jane Norman, Sita Popat, Sarah Rubidge, amongst others.


An album with video presentations, including the Round Table, can be viewed on Vimeo


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We talked to Paul Kaiser (USA) and Tom Calvert (Canada) about computer technology and movement art.



An edited book with a selection of papers presented at the conference has been submitted for publication (Palgrave Macmillan). The proposal was accepted by a first round of editors, and it is now pending final review. The book editors are Dr Nicolas Salazar Sutil and Prof. Sita Popat (University of Leeds).



We would like to thank the Institute of Advanced Studies, Models and Mathematics in Life and Social Sciences (MILES) and the School of Arts for their generous support.


Team support

We would also like to thank Dave Hockham and his technical team for their professional support, and Mirela Dumic for her extraordinary support in the overall administration of this event. In addition, we would also like to thank the Events Team (University of Surrey),the Catering Team (University of Surrey) and Dance-tech net (Marlon Barrios Solano).