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Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks for Markets for Ecosystem Services

6 June 2012 - 7 June 2012

Workshop Report

The Environmental Regulatory Research Group at the School of Law and the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey in collaboration with the Environmental Law Program at the George Washington University Law School hosted an international workshop on regulatory and institutional frameworks for markets for ecosystems services held at the School of Law, University of Surrey on 6-7 June 2012.

This workshop sought to contribute to research and learning on the law and policy on ecosystems services by focusing on the regulatory and institutional challenges in creating markets for ecosystems services. The key goal of the conferencewas to enable outcome-oriented interaction between experts, innovators, and front-end users of these evolving market models to learn about recent progress, what strategies can be adopted to encourage cross-learning between different models for regulatory and institutional frameworks, and how to design new institutional and regulatory mechanisms that can help preserve ecosystem services.

The Papers

A copy of the final programme can be found here

Event themes

Using markets to protect and restore ecosystems–and the many services they provide–is gradually gaining policy and institutional legitimacy across the globe. The workshop’s key theme was therefore to investigate the critical regulatory and institutional considerations including the forms are being pursued to ensure success and ease of adoption. The workshop unpacked this theme through a consideration of questions such as what regulatory and institutional commonalities are emerging; and what are the prospects for converging these? What are the successful institutional and regulatory design features? What challenges remain in order to achieve these?


Two outputs are planned from this conference. The first is a special issue of the Journal Transnational of Environmental Law (due in Spring 2013) and an edited book published by Edward Elgar (due in summer 2013).

Interviews with invited speakers

  • Professor Robert Lee, Co-Director, ESRC Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS), Cardiff University, UK Interview
  • Professor LeRoy Paddock, Environmental Law Programme, The George Washington University Law School, USA Interview
  • Professor James Salzman, Duke University Law School, USA Interview
  • Mr William Watts, Welsh Environmental Hub, UK Interview


    In addition to IAS and the Environmental Law Program at the George Washington University, we also had excellent support from Lexxion Publishers, who carried banners of our conference on their website and sent in copies of their journal to be distributed to seminar participants. The organisers are grateful for the support received from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (University of Surrey).

    Dr Thoko Kaime, Environmental Regulatory Research Group, School of Law, University of Surrey
    Dr Jonathan Chenoweth, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey

    Dr Thoko Kaime

    5 November, 2012