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Making Sleep: New Insights for a New Public Health?



Venue: Lecture Theatre E, University of Surrey


The UK Government are “planning to issue guidance on how much sleep people should be getting every night” (BBC News, 2019). According to a Department of Health & Social Care (2019) Green paper, the Government will review the evidence on sleep and health with the view to informing the case for guidance on hours of sleep.  This resonates with calls from the UK Royal Society for Public Health, for a ‘slumber number’ to be published which makes it easier for individuals to know how much they should be sleeping (Royal Society for Public Health, 2018). The United States National Sleep Foundation has also recently issued age-specific sleep duration recommendations (Hirshkowitz et al., 2015).


These intentions appear misguided.  We need a radical departure from traditional thinking. The proposed workshop will bring together scholars and practitioners to debate and discuss how we might move beyond traditional confines and work towards a new national sleep strategy.


Organisers/Speakers include: Louise Berger, Professor Derk-Jan Dijk, Assoc. Professor Mary Ebeling, Professor Jason Ellis, Professor Michael Grandner, Professor Christine Hine, Jeff Mann, Dr Robert Meadows, Professor Sarah Nettleton.



Dr Robert Meadows

Prof Christine Hine



Dr Robert Meadows