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Mutual Intelligibility: Language, Culture, Cognition



***We are putting this event on hold until further notice. We shall provide an update as soon as we can.***


Despite being perceived as unique, self-contained systems, most languages of the world are not isolated entities, and exist in linguistic continua with other related varieties. Related languages share many properties, giving rise to the global phenomenon of mutual intelligibility, where a speaker of one language can use their native variety to efficiently communicate with a speaker of another language, and vice versa. Our innovative and timely inter-disciplinary workshop is the first of its kind to examine mutual intelligibility from cultural and cognitive as well as linguistic perspectives. By bringing together researchers from a diverse range of fields, this workshop will provide a foundation for the development of multi-disciplinary research collaborations on mutual intelligibility, with the aim of gaining deeper understanding of this complex and important phenomenon, and identifying how various theoretical and empirical research methods can be combined and utilised in future research.


Confirmed keynote speaker:

Professor Charlotte Gooskens, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Professor Bertram Opitz, University of Surrey, UK



Dr Nadezda Christopher, University of Surrey

Dr Catherine Barbour, University of Surrey

Dr Katie Gilligan, University of Surrey



Dr Nadezda Christopher