University of Surrey Institute of Advanced Studies

University of Surrey


Behavioural Science for Usable Security


Venue: Treetops, University of Surrey


Using online electronic voting as a context and exemplar of systems with challenging security requirements, the workshop aims to explore how systems can be designed to achieve secure user behaviour. The workshop is interdisciplinary with behavioural and computer scientists joining forces to tackle the challenges of usable cyber security, which requires a blend of technical requirements and understanding of human behaviour. What determines users’ security decisions and behaviour? How may users’ behaviour benefit the design of security systems?  How can we nudge users to take up important but inconvenient security procedures? These are some of the questions we will look to answer. The workshop features keynotes from international experts in electronic voting and in human behaviour and will host an interdisciplinary research incubator looking to solve concrete challenges.  Scholars from a variety of disciplines are welcome to take part.



Prof Steve Schneider

Dr Irina Cojuharenco

Dr Adrian Banks

Prof Helen Treharne



Prof Steve Schneider